Recruitment Spring 2019


Please check out our Facebook events for more details!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our active sisters or our rush chairs:

❀ Tiffany Do
(337) 513-8683

❀ Nancy Ho
(832) 947-2865

❀ Michelle Le
(832) 310-9662


✩ Rush Schedule ✩

✩ Info 1 / Flower Letter DIY ✩

Wed. 1/16 | 7:00PM | Student Center Multipurpose Room

Meet the sisters at our first info! Not only will you get to learn more about aKDPhi and enjoy some snacks and BOBA TEA on us, you will also be making flower letters for yourself after a long day of school. 

✧ Cat's Back ✧

Thurs. 1/17 | 4:00PM | Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

This is the biggest welcome event hosted by the University of Houston, and you do not want to miss out. Stop by our table to meet the sisters of aKDPhi!

✧ Info 2 / Candle DIY✧

Thu. 1/17 | 7:00PM | Cougar Village N105

This event is right after Cat's Back, come learn more about our sisterhood at our second info session AND learn more about aKDPhi and enjoy some snacks and BOBA TEA on us. You'll get your own decorated candle to take home!

✧ Korean BBQ Mixer w/ Lambda Phi Epsilon ✧

Tue. 1/22 | 7:00PM | Cougar Village N105

One of biggest support groups is our brother fraternity, Lambda Phi Epsilon. Join our brothers and us as we feast on some delicious Korean BBQ. Maybe you will meet your future big brother or line brothers here!

✧ Sweet Treats With Sweeter Sisters ✧

Wed. 1/23 | 7:00PM | Cougar Village N106

Have a sweet tooth? Enjoy some sweet desserts on us! Here’s another chance to meet/ spend time with our sisters and learn more about aKDPhi! 

✧ Dinner With the Sisters ✧

Tues. 1/29 | 7:00PM | UC Midtown Room

Dress to impress and enjoy a dinner hosted by yours truly! Your stomachs will be satisfied after eating dinner with the sisters, so come with an empty stomach!!

✧ Interview 1 ✧

Wed. 1/30 | 7:00PM | Cougar Village N106

Come prepared to talk! Don’t be intimidated; this will be the most fun interview you will ever go to.

✧ Interview 2 ✧

Thu. 1/31 | 7:00PM | Cougar Village N105

This will be your last chance to become a part of our sisterhood this semester! Put on your best smile because we are excited to see YOU. 

*Must attend one event and an interview to be considered for a bid.


Rush questions & answers


Why aKDPhi?

aKDPhi was founded at University of California, Berkeley and has since become the largest and fastest-growing international Asian-interest sorority with 50 chapters! Among our many accomplishments, we are proud to be partnered up with Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and have an unparalleled dedication to service, raising almost $100,000 nationally last year for the cure to breast cancer.

What is rush?

Rush for aKDPhi takes place during the first couple weeks of the new school semester where the sisters organize various events for girls interested in joining a sorority. The period of rush is to see whether or not going greek with aKDPhi is something that interests you. It's a time to meet and have fun with the sisters and learn what our sisterhood is about. Our events are not mandatory and everything is free! 

What can I expect at a rush event?

Rush Week activities are designed to offer a glimpse of aKDPhi to the community. By setting up opportunities for meeting the members of our active house, we hope that others will seize the chance to get to know what makes aKDPhi what it is - our sisters. Rush is also a great time to meet a diverse group of new faces. Any questions you have will be answered regarding sorority dues, philanthropies, academics, and personal reasons for joining aKDPhi. We only ask that you come with an open mind and be yourself. 

What kind of girls join?

aKDPhi is known for the diversity of its sisters. Each girl contributes her own unique experience and spirit to our house, forming the foundation of sisterhood which we take pride in. We encourage all motivated women interested in enhancing their college experience at the University of Houston to come rush for aKDPhi.

When is the best time to join?

The best time depends on you and is a personal decision for you to make. Each class is comprised of girls of all ages; therefore, there is no definite answer. The best we can offer are our own experiences, so feel free to ask individual sisters about their choices. We hold Rush twice a year, during the first couple of weeks of Spring and Fall semester. Please check our website periodically for updates on upcoming events.

What happens after rush?

Following an informal interview, the bidding process begins. The purpose of the interviews is to get to know you on a more personal and professional level. There is no obligation in joining after signing up for an interview. Upon acceptance of a bid, a rushee becomes a New Member of the sorority.

What is the new member process?

During the New Member Process, New Members of aKDPhi will learn the traditions and history of our sorority as well as build the bonds of sisterhood within the New Member class and with Actives. The New Member Process is a time where the best memories and friendships of your college experience are made.

How much time must I commit and will it affect my academics?

Like any other extracurricular activity, it is up to you how much time you devote to joining aKDPhi – the more you put in, the more you get out of it. The process does take time, but it is definitely manageable, even with a busy schedule. We understand that we are all here at UH for an education and at no time will we ask you to compromise your academic goals.