sisters forever, never forgotten.

sisterhood doesn't end after college...

There are numerous opportunities to stay involved with aKDPhi even as an alumna, whether it is joining our National Board, National Alumnae Association, or the National Alumnae Board. We are so thankful to have supportive alumnae who are still around to help guide us.

National Alumnae Association:

The purpose of the National Alumnae Association is to continue the support system of sisters residing in cities or regions outside of their alma mater chapters, provide a network for social and professional/career development, coordinate events for alumnae, facilitate communication with the National Alumnae Board and alumnae nationwide!

National Alumnae Board:

is a national organization started to coordinate the growth of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Inc.'s alumnae network across the world. The NAB is a separate entity from the National Board that currently governs aKDPhi activities. The NAB maintains its own budget to fund alumnae-geared activities and occasionally works in conjunction with the National Board to govern the existing chapters.