We pride ourselves on academic excellence and success. We wouldn't be a sisterhood without our international sisters and network.

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Elaine Tran - Fall 14

"I am very proud to announce my new position as a Data Analyst for Wunderman!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me here, and what I can bring for this company."

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Lily Luo and Ann Le - Spring 18

Our Spring ‘18 sisters Lily Luo and Ann Le are members of the prestigious Program of Excellence in Selling (PES).

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Michelle Pham - Spring 13

Congratulations on receiving her Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy! We are extremely proud fo you sister and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors

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Stacey Nguyen - Fall 14

Congrats on earning her Masters Degree in Accounting from C.T Bauer College of Business! Thank you so much for everything, continue doing great things, and we can’t wait to see you prosper in the future.

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Sabrina Pham - Spring 18

Need a makeup tutorial? Take a look at our sister's YouTube channel HERE.


Alice Tran - Spring 16

Alice Tran received the I.R.I.S. award of Fall 17 at our 2018 National Convention. You have grown so much since you've crossed - from best JA, to holding Sisterhood Chair, becoming VP Internal to now being  New Member Educator. There is no doubt that you deserved this award! For someone who only crossed 2 years ago, you have surpassed expectations of a aKDPhi.

Margaret Tran - Spring 12

Congratulations to our Spring 2012 sister, Margaret Tran, for graduating from TWU with a Nursing degree! 
We know you will do great things in the future, and best wishes on your next adventure.

Christy Ho - Fall 13

"Thanks University of Houston for selecting me to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, the oldest and most prestigious academic society in the nation!"

Erica Chan - Fall 15

Congratulations to our fall 15 sister, Erica Chan for passing the Registered Nurse exam! We are so proud of you sis and can't wait to see how many lives you impact. 

Paulyne Duong - Spring 15

When it comes to thrift shopping, make up tutorials and hauls, our fashionista, Paulyne Duong is ya girl. Check out her YouTube channel HERE.